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Data Centers Construction

With six years of experience in data center construction, we have designed modern, customized data centers to more than eighty organizations in over 20 different fields. Our architects, engineers and IT professionals work to provide cost-effective, secure and comprehensive data center solutions that meet your requirements and advance your business objectives.

Weak Current Engineering

With combined expertise in smart building and information technology, we are qualified to undertake various weak current engineering projects, including integrated wiring, building automation system, intelligent door lock system, public address system, video conference system, data center remote control and so on.

Data Center Maintenance

In addition to data center design and construction, we also provide first-rate maintenance services with advanced technology and management mode and means to help guarantee the normal operation of the data center. There are multiple options like routine check, on-site duty service, and breakdown maintenance and so on to meet your precise requirements.

Quality Products

We have partnered with big brands at home and abroad and provide users with a wide range of data center products that mainly cover power management, rack & accessories, cooling, environmental management and networking, etc.

  • Data Centers Construction

  • Weak Current Engineering

  • Data Center Maintenance

  • Quality Products

About Joyrun

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  • A Reliable Data Centers Developer

  • An Authorized Agency and Supplier of Quality Products

  • A Practitioner of Smart, Green Building

  • A Trustable Partner

  • 3A

    3A Credible Enterprise

  • 6

    6 years of experience in data center construction

  • 10

    Over 10 professional qualifications issued by authority

  • 7600

    More than 7600m2 of data center area designed and built by us

  • 8

    An elite team of architect and designers with 8 working years on average

  • 4

    Long-termed partnerships with 4 big brands

Build-to-Suit Data Centers Provide you with a custom solution that meets your mission-critical objectives

  • Intelligence

    We work to develop smart data centers. It covers intelligence of three aspects, including the infrastructure, data center environment and server management.

  • Security

    We have both reliable data center products available. And we build physically safe and comfortable facilities with high standard.

  • Redundancy

    We provide infrastructure on demand with full redundancy and a reliable data center with room for growth.

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