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Professional in computer room construction

01. Rich experience

  • A 3A Credible Enterprise and a qualified practitioner in the data room construction field;

  • A professional team that gathers architects, designers and IT talents, etc.;

  • Six years of experience with a record of over eighty data room building cases;

  • More than 7600 square meters of designed computer room areas; and high customer satisfaction.

02. Advanced concept

  • Overall consideration of fault forecasting, system surplus, and technological security, etc., to ensure the security of the computer room;

  • Forward-looking design and planning to provide flexibility and scalability for data room construction;

  • Mature computer room management and monitoring system to set the stage for balanced arrangement of equipment and manpower;

  • Selecting materials and equipment based on applicable and practical principle, to ensure high performance and high efficiency go hand in hand.

Problems facing enterprises

  • Computer room area

    A too large construction area will cause waste, while a too small area may have hidden safety hazards..

  • System Engineering

    Computer room construction is complex and involves multiple systems. How to select?

  • Construction period

    Construction period may be delayed for many reasons. How to prevent it from happening?

  • Construction standards

    There are different data room types. What are their definitions and corresponding requirements?

  • Material & Equipment

    Many factors such as brand, price and quality need to be considered in product purchase. How to select?

  • Integrated wiring

    Bad wiring will be a disaster and a potential hazard for maintenance and troubleshooting. How to ensure integrated wiring?

  • Project budget

    Budge is limited; and a safe and quality computer room is needed. How to find the solution that suits you?

Core parts of a computer room

Detail-oriented design and construction

Construction of smart and green data rooms