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Core Services

Operation and maintenance link

  • Engineering file

    For data center installation, configuration, optimization, networking, equipment interconnection, etc., files can be quickly investigated if faults occur.

  • Online Monitoring

    Realize online monitoring of key equipment in the data center computer room (such as servers, air conditioning systems, etc.), effectively reducing the occurrence of data center failures.

  •  Business backup

    Regular backup of data services can also be provided for multiple data centers to backup each other to ensure long-term stable operation of the computer room.

  •  Routine inspection

    The hidden dangers of operation are discovered and eliminated in time, and a long-term data record is formed, which is convenient for comprehensive analysis and comprehensively grasp the operation status of the data center.

Service Method

Regular inspection

For each inspection, complete the following operations one by one:

  • Verification of existing equipment
  • Maintain all equipment
  • Provide corresponding advice on obsolete or obsolete equipment
  • Provide professional overhaul/maintenance reports

malfunction repair

Provide hardware fault diagnosis, repair and hardware replacement services

  • 7*24*2 troubleshooting service

    · On working day, be on site within 4 hours;

    · On non-working days, arrive at the site within 6 hours

  • Emergency maintenance (major failure)

    · Arrive at the scene within 2 hours

On-site duty

7*24 hours full-time staff on-site service

  • On-site squad leader
  • Field Power Distribution Engineer
  • Site HVAC Engineer
  • Backstage support team

Professional Instrument

Digital Cloud Service

The JOYRUN BOX smart cloud box helps you monitor key equipment in the data center in real time on your mobile phone, alarms and warns, and can be connected to JOYRUN background experts through cloud services to obtain 7x24 hours of uninterrupted support, reducing potential downtime risks and downtime maintenance time lowest.

  • Supports unified remote management of multiple data centers
  • 6 alarm push methods
  • Super safety guarantee:

    Only monitor but not control, one-way data transmission;

    Firewall data encryption technology;

    3 hours power outage, battery life, uninterrupted remote management.