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Shanghai Joyrun Information Engineering Co., Ltd. ("Joyrun") is a high-tech company specialized in the data room design and construction. It was founded in 2012 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. Now it has set up two branches in Beijing and Nanjing due to business growth.

We have a rich record in data center construction. We provide a wide range of services covering computer room design and construction, computer room renovation, custom-made computer room construction, and data room maintenance and so on. Besides, we also provide quality equipment and device developed in house or authorized that are needed in data rooms.

Company Culture

  • People-Oriented

    Pay attention to talent cultivation and team building.

  • Benefit Sharing

    Work to create values and share benefits with our employees and clients.

  • Professional

    Attract professional talents and offer professional services

What can we provide?

Data Center Design & Construction

Provide customized solutions to meet the needs

  • Well-planned functions
  • Selection of materials and equipment
  • Reasonable layout
  • Consideration of scalability

Smart Weak Current Engineering

Keep abreast with the trend of smart building and IT-based management

  • Smart building

  • Computer network integration

  • Security System Integration

Computer Room Operation & Maintenance

Multiple service packages available to meet specific needs

  • Comprehensive inspection of environment, air conditioning system, UPS system, etc.
  • Computer room CFD simulation.
  • Energy efficiency assessment.
  • Data center remote management.

Data Center Equipment Supply

Computer room equipment from Joyrun, Schneider, Eaton, and A-Rack, etc.

  • UPS system

  • Air conditioning

  • Cabinet

  • Power Distribution

  • Remote monitoring

  • Accessories

Advanced Network Equipment

Integrated network equipment to cover key technical fields

  • Server

  • Safety products

  • Storage products

  • Wireless network

  • Cloud computing

  • Big Data

Information Security Solutions

Create a shield to safeguard digital security

  • Firewalls

  • Intrusion Prevention System

  • Vulnerability Scan

  • Bastion Host

  • Security gateway

Service Process

  • 01


  • 02

    On-site Investigation

  • 03

    Plan Outline

  • 04

    Project Quotation

  • 05

    Contract Signing

  • 06

    Detailed Plan

  • 07

    Construction & Quality Control

  • 08

    Check & Acceptance

  • 09

    After-sales Service

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