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Eaton 93PR UPS

Eaton 93PR UPS

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The most advanced UPS in its power range, the Eaton 93PR is ideal for small to mid-sized data centers and other mission critical applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential.

93PR offers the new levels of efficiency and scalability, which minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); and meanwhile, it offers e safety and resiliency, both in infrastructure and IT layers, which maximize availability and ensure business continuity.

All-around Value:

  • Safe hot-swappable design and inbuilt back-feed protection ensures safety and compliance with regulations
  • With high efficiency being translated into reduced electrical and cooling losses, the 93PR helps to minimize operational expenditure costs, in addition to addressing the cost pressures resulting from commoditization of IT services.
  • The scalability of the 93PR provides increased flexibility to accommodatethe changing requirements of rapidly evolving technologies.

The 93PR takes resiliency to the next level by bridging electrical and IT infrastructures.

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