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How to do a good job in data center computer room operation and maintenance?

Release time: 2021-07-21 Source: Joryun Views: 372

If a book can change a person’s thinking mode, then a new management method may change the development trajectory of an enterprise. A high-quality data center operation and maintenance management system can assist companies in integrating and optimizing corporate information resources and services, improving productivity and competitiveness, and is a powerful guarantee for creating more value for companies. If you want to be a good enterprise, then set a small goal, first do a good job in data center operation and maintenance!
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With the rapid development of information technology and networks, it has also accelerated the development of data center construction. The data center is the center of information processing for government units with more vertical levels. With the continuous expansion of enterprise IT architecture, the number of servers and storage devices is increasing, coupled with the emergence and popularization of cloud architecture, the complexity of data centers is getting higher and higher, and the complexity of operation and maintenance management has risen sharply. An efficient data center can provide strong support for the management and development of government and enterprises.

What is a data center?

What is a data center? The definition given by Yunlian Xingkong is “a data center is a complete set of complex facilities. It not only includes computer systems and other supporting equipment (such as communication and storage systems), but also contains redundant data. Communication connection, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment and various safety devices”.

A large data center often contains many small systems, and the operation and maintenance work is carried out around these specific application systems. Ensure the stable and efficient operation of the data center, so that it can better provide strong support capabilities for business departments, thereby improving the overall management efficiency of the enterprise or the government, and the importance of operation and maintenance management is becoming more and more prominent.

Data center operation and maintenance computer room management visualization

Data center computer room management visualization is an innovative IT management method. Through the three-dimensional simulation of the computer room and equipment, it provides an intuitive, real-time, efficient, and friendly visual monitoring system interface, which clearly displays each subsystem and forms an organic whole, which can help Users can easily control the overall situation, efficiently respond to emergencies, and intelligently make network layout decisions.

Visualize the environment in the form of 3D virtual simulation, including the real display of the data center. From the external environment of the park, the building to the internal structure of the computer room and independent equipment, three-dimensional simulation display can be carried out, and adjustments and scene switching can be carried out at any angle. . Use visualization technology to establish a 3D virtual environment that is completely consistent with the actual computer room to visualize assets. The data can be based on the asset management database, CMDB, manual entry or batch import, and you can click and query any asset object information in the 3D scene.

The data center computer room management visualization should integrate the environmental monitoring system to monitor the temperature and humidity of the computer room, the operating status of the power system, the performance of the network equipment, the host, and the space capacity in real time, and to reflect the operating status of the system in real time through visualization. Alarm information.

Data such as the network traffic, resources, security situation, and equipment status of a large-scale backbone network, city data centers at all levels, and a specific single server should be fully monitored. Extend the scope of visual management from physical facilities such as parks and computer rooms to the services, applications, systems, and processes supported by the data center, providing IT managers with end-to-end visualization of the entire IT system, and integrating through open data interfaces Each software system in IT management provides a unified visualization platform for IT operation and maintenance management.

The advantages of data center computer room management visualization

1. Through 3D and 2D computer graphics technology and graphical data processing technology, unified display and management of management data from different regions and different tools. Provide efficient and easy-to-understand supervision for the spatial distribution of the backbone network, the logical topological structure, and the operating situation of all servers in the specific computer room. It provides innovative visual management methods for enterprise IT management and data center management, and effectively solves the IT architecture. And data center management problems.

2. The network of the cloud architecture can be visually expressed, which can realize the grasp of the entire cloud state from the two perspectives of the physical network and the virtual network, switch between the two dimensions and clearly identify the corresponding relationship of the equipment. A software platform for comprehensive visualization of IT and data centers from reality to logic, from global to port.

3. In design, it can balance practicality and design sense, adopt different styles to process the display of a large amount of information, and add detailed elements to the subtleties of the interface elements, so that the overall style is simple but not thin. Whether it is a chart, a GIS view, a topological map or a dashboard panel, it can operate with high efficiency and high quality, and realize low-coupling data docking with the user’s underlying system.

4. The solution of large-screen display and multi-screen linkage is convenient for customers to comprehensively monitor a large-scale, multi-region, and large-scale network of equipment. It can run on a single screen or multi-screen linkage. It can also support one-screen master control and other multi-screen slave operation scenarios, and it supports two interactive modes: keyboard, mouse and touch.


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